"Driven by the Earth Charter, we inspire and support people
everywhere to create communities that are
healthy, inclusive and sustainable."


Driven by the Earth Charter, Earth Charter Cities is a collaborative movement that brings together passionate amateurs, experts, organizations and frameworks from across the world to inspire exponential improvements in principle areas of the Earth Charter and Earth Charter Cities Manifesto. 

The Earth Charter Cities Manifesto is a call to action for all of us. It was developed by Gerben van Straaten of World of Walas to help communities realize the Earth Charter. After an almost 2 year drafting process with key stakeholders of the Earth Charter, the Earth Charter Cities Manifesto was launched in The Hague in 2010. 

For more information on Gerben van Straaten and the story of the Earth Charter Cities Manifesto, click here

Earth Charter 2019


Driven by the Earth Charter, Earth Charter Cities inspires and supports people everywhere
to create communities that are healthy, inclusive and sustainable.

We are a collaborative movement, bringing together passionate amateurs,
experts and organizations to inspire exponential improvements in key principle areas
of the Earth Charter and Earth Charter Cities Manifesto.


Our vision is a world of responsible people in sustainable communities everywhere.

"Cities are the ecosystems within the larger ecosystem of the Earth."

- Jane Jacobs


Any individual or entity that shares the values of Earth Charter is invited to participate in Earth Charter Cities. However, we recognize key organizations will help us realize our vision: Cities, Communities, Companies, Colleges and Universities, Conferences and Certification frameworks.


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Conferences are where we meet face to face with the people who share our values and vision. This is the place to meet potential partners and clients... READ MORE


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"Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable."

-Goal 11, UN Sustainable Development Goals


Earth Charter Cities endorse the Earth Charter and actively commit to ongoing improvements through an iterative process with 4 key phases: self-awareness, self-assessment, self-improvement and self-reporting. Partners are also invited to build connections and to collaborate with each other.


The first step to improvement is awareness and a desire to improve.


Once a community acknowledges they would like to improve, the ECC Self-Assessment will guide them through an


A comprehensive self-improvement plan will help guide decision makers and funding decisions to help communities reach their goals.


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